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ABQ Jewels Jewelry that costs $25 or more comes with a 1 year warranty.

ABQ Jewels Jewelry that costs $42 or more comes with a 2 year warranty

To keep prices as low as possible, less expensive jewelry does not come with a warranty. However, you may return the jewelry within 30 days for a full refund. Also, if there is a manufacturing error, ABQ Jewels will fix it.

Warranty is valid if buyer has lost jewelry due to an error in manufacturing (e.g. a clasp, ring, or chain that breaks), or if there is significant tarnish or wear of plated metal. Minor tarnish or wear is not covered. Damage due to ABQ Jewels jewelry getting tangled with other jewelry, or broken due to getting caught on something (from experience, a water cooler comes to mind), or from excessive force, is not covered. Warranty may be exercised only once per item.

For buyers outside the Albuquerque area, buyer pays postage to send jewelry to ABQ Jewels, ABQ Jewels pays postage to return repaired jewelry to buyer.

If a magnetic clasp is broken due to magnet manufacturer's adhesive failing and the Buyer has followed directions to slide the magnetic clasp rather than pulling the magnet apart, ABQ Jewels will replace the magnetic clasp at no charge for a 1 year period even on unwarrantied jewelry, and for 2 years on warrantied jewelry.This is to encourage customers to tell Kat about these problems so she can find solutions if necessary.