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All Occasion jewelry comes with a 1 year warranty.

Special Occasion jewelry comes with a 2 year warranty

No warranty on Everyday jewelry so the price can be set as low as possible. Quality of manufacturing is the same as the higher end jewelry.

Warranty is valid if buyer has lost jewelry due to an error in manufacturing (e.g. a clasp, ring, or chain that breaks), or if there is significant tarnish or wear of plated metal. Minor tarnish or wear is not covered. Damage due to abqjewels jewelry getting tangled with other jewelry, or broken due to getting caught on something (from experience, a water cooler comes to mind), or from excessive force, is not covered. Warranty may be exercised only once per item.

Buyer pays postage to send jewelry to abqjewels, abqjewels pays postage to return repaired jewelry to buyer.