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Eventually necklace chains will tarnish even though there is an anti-tarnish anti-wear coating. You can extend the life of the chain by rinsing a chain exposed to sweat as soon as possible. A little bit of dish detergent added to warm water will help. Rinse with distilled water to achieve maximum sparkle.

If you wish for the chain to be replaced, the standard charge is $10 for most ABQ Jewels jewelry. Only the chain will be replaced for the $10, not any other components. Chain replacement does not apply to Chain-thru-Pearl or Chain-thru-Bead jewelry, as there is no way to replace that chain.

If there is a manufacturing error within the Warranty period, ABQ Jewels will fix the jewelry at no charge. For people who live in Albuquerque, Kat would expect to meet the customer to repair the jewelry, and most jewelry can be repaired on the spot if pictures have been sent. For people who live outside of Albuquerque, the Buyer will pay to ship the jewelry to ABQ Jewels and ABQ Jewels will pay return shipping. If the error is egregious, ABQ Jewels will most likely just replace the jewelry and assume costs for shipping.

If a magnetic clasp is broken due to magnet manufacturer's adhesive failing and the Buyer has followed directions to slide the magnetic clasp rather than pulling the magnet apart, ABQ Jewels will replace the magnetic clasp at no charge for a 1 year period even on unwarrantied jewelry, and for 2 years on warrantied jewelry.This is to encourage customers to tell ABQ Jewels about these problems so solutions can be implemented.

If outside the Warranty period, there will be a charge for repairs depending on the time needed to do the repairs. If shipping is required, Buyer will pay shipping both ways.



To avoid having to meet twice, or ship jewelry both directions, ABQ Jewels may decide to replace rather than repair jewelry. This is at ABQ Jewels' discretion, and would typically be used in a case where the buyer sends a pic showing what has broken. If meeting in person, please bring the original jewelry for exchange so Kat can see in detail what has gone wrong, and can avoid similar problems in the future. The Replacement policy may be exercised only once per item.


30 day refund policy for jewelry that is still in new condition.