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SAFETY: Bracelet magnets are very strong. Be careful not to catch your skin in the bracelet magnet as it will pinch your skin, and it hurts. I do not sell bracelets with magnetic clasps to young girls for this reason. Bangle bracelets are safer, and can be worn by people of all ages.

Anti-Tarnish, Anti-Wear Coatings more info

Sweat will eventually tarnish your jewelry even through the coatings. If you become sweaty please rinse your jewelry as soon as you can.

Do not use jewelry cleaner or other solvents (hair spray, nail polish remover, etc.) as it may damage the coatings.  You may clean your jewelry using warm water and dish soap, rinse with distilled water, or dry with a tissue.


Necklace and Bracelet Instructions

SLIDE magnetic clasps apart, DO NOT PULL as the clasp may break. Magnetic clasps should be joined when not in use to preserve their strength.

If your jewelry has a lobster clasp to adjust length, make sure the lobster clasp is FULLY CLOSED to avoid losing your jewelry.  Large pendants (without a setting) may break if dropped on a hard floor.

Store necklaces, particularly those with small chain,separately to avoid having the chain getting tangled.


Earring Instructions

If you purchased earrings with wires, please find a way to store them hanging. If not possible, use a baggie or a box to keep earrings separated from other jewelry to avoid tangling or bending wire.